Authority for the Development of Roosevelt Roads

The Roosevelt Roads Redevelopment Project is an extraordinary initiative that will enhance economic and social growth in the eastern region of the Island and Puerto Rico, in general. 

In May 2013, the Local Redevelopment Authority for Roosevelt Roads (LRA) finally obtained title to 3,400 acres for redevelopment from the U.S. Navy upon completing the Economic Development Conveyance (EDC) Agreement.  Shortly after the LRA updated the Land Use Plan (“ROTFU”) and reorganized the Master Plan in 9 development zones under the 2014 Master Plan Development Zones.

The LRA’s primary objective is to continue its efforts to identify developers with the ability to advance the business objectives of the Roosevelt Roads (RR) redevelopment project, consistent with the Master Plan, and to continue to promote and develop specific projects within that context to create jobs and to spur economic growth in Ceiba and Naguabo, and the eastern region of Puerto Rico. The redevelopment of RR began in 2014-2015 with the establishment of the Residential Center for Educational Opportunities for the town of Ceiba (CROEC) at the former RR elementary school, a campus style school targeted at 250 outstanding students in the areas of science and mathematics and six small businesses for ecotourist services, nature adventure, recreational and complementary activities. 

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