PR-127 Corridor

Located in the southwest region of Puerto Rico, the PR-127 State Highway is an industrial corridor in need of new investments that promote the economic development of the region. 

With this as a basis, the DEDC has given itself the task of studying the qualifications of the surrounding land, as well as of the industries that make up the area, to design a Master Plan with the purpose of revitalizing the area. This will generate direct and indirect jobs, basing economic development with a multiplier effect. 

Our mission is to identify possible uses for entrepreneurs to benefit from the existing structure, while promoting the cleanliness of the land, as necessary. 

For Fiscal Year 2019-2020, we aim to complete the Master Plan for the reuse and implementation of land cleaning, which is in accordance with the public policy of the Government of Puerto Rico to generate opportunities in the renewable energy industry; and with the needs of local residents

Corredor PR-127