Commercial Office of Puerto Rico in the Dominican Republic

The purpose of the Government Office of Puerto Rico in the Dominican Republic is to promote the export of local products to the neighboring island. In addition, facilitate the establishment of local entrepreneurs who wish to expand their operations in that destination.

Provides support and guidance regarding commercial links, current legislation and regulations of the Dominican government, as well as appointment and meeting coordination. In the same way, it encourages the investment of Dominican entrepreneurs in Puerto Rico, to promote the economic development of both countries.

This way, in addition to stimulating trade, we maintain the bonds of friendship and brotherhood that have always characterized relations between Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic.

Strategic Goals

Strategic Objectives

  • Increase the export of goods and services from Puerto Rico to the Dominican Republic by 3%
  • Increase the number of tourists we currently receive from Europe and South America, taking advantage of the number of more than 6 million tourists who visit the Dominican Republic and invest an average stay of 8.35 nights
  • Carry out a minimum of two missions a year for local entrepreneurs who visit and listen to business opportunities in the neighboring country. In the same way, promote the investment of Dominican entrepreneurs in Puerto Rico
  • Maintain continuous promotion of tourist attractions and incentives to do business in Puerto Rico
  • Continue conversations with Banco LAFISE for its possible establishment in Puerto Rico
  • Expand the relationship with the different commercial, industrial and tourist entities of the Dominican Republic, in order to link the different initiatives of our entrepreneurs
  • Establish a dashboard of ongoing projects that are supported by our Business Development Office
  • Develop the exchange of tourist packages between both destinations
  • Maintain continuous promotion of incentives and tourist attractions in the Commercial Office and train staff on incentives
  • Establish a statistical database that shows trends and sectors of business opportunities

Statistical information

  • In the last 8 years (2010-2018), Puerto Rico's exports to the Dominican Republic have represented $ 5,191,674,814
  • For 2018, total exports amounted to $ 591,513,839. Since 2014 we have maintained a positive trade balance in favor of Puerto Rico
  • The main line of export is manufacturing, which by 2018 had exported a total of $ 589,381,542, followed by the line of electrical equipment, fixtures and components. Third is miscellaneous manufacturing, fourth is petroleum and coal products, and fifth is textiles
  • In 2018 Puerto Rico received a total of, and maintains, an inventory of some 3,694,882 visitors, while the Dominican Republic received approximately a total of 6,600,000. Puerto Rico maintains a supply of approximately 15,345 rooms in 2019, and the Dominican Republic began 2019 with some 81,000 rooms