Artisan Development Program

Created in 1977, this program seeks to strengthen craftmanship activity as an important component in the island's economy. The Program is responsible for promoting the crafts economy, offering sponsorships and incentives (non-contributory), certification of craftsmen, training, and facilitating the provision of services and marketing.

Strategic Goals

  • Creation of a digital service platform for craftsmen
  • Stimulate the creation of self-management jobs, micro-enterprise systems and community enterprises in the crafts field
  • Develop a training program for craftsmen promoters

Strategic Objectives

  • Preparation of a demographic study of craftsmen and creation of profiles of craft lines
  • Review of the craft line profiles and inclusion of new creative aspects
  • Review the scope of the individual incentives and sponsorships granted, considering the future concession to working groups
  • Carry out a comparative evaluation process in other jurisdictions and listen to affected offers
  • Creation of an alliance with the University of Puerto Rico, the Guayacán Group, the Institute of Culture and the DEDC to develop a certification plan for craftsmen promoters in government agencies and in the private sector

The Craftmanship Development Division of the Department of Economic Development and Commerce is responsible for providing assistance to the Puerto Rican craftsmen class. They are provided with the technical assistance they require for the administration of their workshops and the granting of financial aid for their operation; artisans providers help in the promotion, marketing, distribution and sale of artisan products; It organizes centers where craftsmen can produce, exhibit, and distribute Puerto Rican handicrafts and promote artistic work in and outside of Puerto Rico. We also give the Department of Economic Development and Commerce the responsibility of granting an identification card to Puerto Rican craftsmen.

Let’s connect with our craftsmen! Reinvention has been key in this stage that we currently face together, and only together will we overcome it. For this reason, we have created a Craftsmen Directory, with the intention of supporting this whole talented community of craftsmen dedicated to making everything from brilliant handicrafts, to delicious typical food and drinks. This platform will function as a virtual showcase in which you can expose and promote your craft workshop and give visitors the opportunity to appreciate your work. It's very easy! You just have to go to add your workshop, register, and as soon as the administrator confirms that your craft profile is fully Puerto Rican, you will be able to share your creations virtually. This way, you will be in many places at once, with just the touch of a click. Creativity is in you, you just have to expose it ... so, get to work!