Air Cargo

The U.S. Department of Transportation, granted Puerto Rico a waiver for the transfer of international cargo and passengers on the Island. This means, we will have the ability to generate more traffic and air cargo, placing ourselves in the international spotlight and significantly injecting our economy. Through this waiver, which will be granted for the next two years, the viability of the development of free zones, warehouses, manufacturing, and other economic activities can be evaluated. This authorization is of utmost importance for Puerto Rico, since it represents the generation of at least 10 daily flights, 900 jobs and an increase in payroll of around $ 30 million. The purpose of this great effort is to attract foreign tourism, by designing a marketing plan to promote the Island as the ideal place to visit and invest in, taking advantage of the new opportunities that this historic concession grants us. Puerto Rico would become the first air hub of American territory in the Caribbean for international cargo and passengers. This gives us a competitive advantage for the expansion of air service, placing the Island as the main destination for leisure and business. Thus, we will gain constant economic growth both in and outside the metropolitan area.

Carga Aérea